Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hallway Galleries: Px(c)

CCV is proud to showcase the Px(c) show in our Pearl Street Gallery. The work has been generously donated by the Kasini Gallery. Px (c) is the alter-corporate identity of Montreal artist Depelteau. He has shown in Montreal, Toronto, and Burlington, and his work has been used by the band Dook. He has been published in the Turkish 'zine PLASTIK SEHOR.

Px(c) first appeared in the 1999 painting "You never know when you’ll need Px(c)," as a car parts brand name. Px(c) has been known, over the years, to mimic advertising strategies to sell dysfunctional products and ideas to people. Its catalogue includes car parts, eyes, fingers, tongues, sunglasses, do-it-yourself art, concepts for gallery art, mouse traps, packages and some collages and prints. By presenting himself as the corporate entity, Px(c), the artist makes a cultural statement about the dominance of commercial culture in everyday life. His work is a hybrid of American and British Pop Art. Rendered in Px (c)'s unique pop art style, these works combine the humor of Albert Camus and the visual insight of Barbara Kruger. For more information on CCV's Hallway Galleries, click here.

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