Tuesday, October 30, 2007

CCV students explore "Crazy"

To acknowledge National Disability Awareness month, on Friday, October 26th in CCV's famed LL-7 classroom, students from Glen Hueckel's Abnormal Psychology and Kate Maynard's Interpersonal and Small Group Communications classes watched "Crazy" a performance art piece created and performed by Gail Marlene Schwartz. A panel discussion followed with guests from Mental Health Education Initiative, Vermont Protection & Advocacy and a local psychotherapist. Students explored questions of stigma and meaning about anxiety and depression via the discussion and an interactive workshop which included a spectogram, poems and speaking body sculptures!

In response to "How did your understanding grow about mental illness?" CCV student Kaz explained "The feeling is expansiveness, wonderfully open with a comfort in the lack of clear answers." Stacy wrote "Mental illness is more common than I thought and it is ok to open up to others." Kellie concluded "It seems everybody is effected by depression somehow."

Thank you to Gail and CCV Coordinator of Academic Services Yasmine Zielser who planned the event, to Glen and Kate who found the very real connections between the program and their course content, to the amazing CCV students who took the material and shaped it with their own stories and finally to the producer, VSA Arts of Vermont and the funder, the Vermont Community Foundation.


  1. Does anyone involved with this particular event in any fashion know if anyone took digital video of it and, if so, if it might get uploaded to an online video sharing service (e.g., Google Video)?

    Or, if digital photos were taken and, if so, if some of those would be shared for blogging purposes?

    If so, I would be interested in considering including such for inclusion within a blog post for blogging up to the Beyond VSH blog (Read about, comment on, and discuss mental health matters in Vermont ...).

    In addition, I might also consider including a guest blog post on the subject as well.

    Check my profile for contact info.

  2. Morgan, Amy Stuart, a CCV staff member took about 8 pictures of the event. I've posted the two I thought were best on the blog posting which you can now view. If you would like access to the additional photos, just let me know. As far as I know, no video was taken at the event (but I wasn't there so I'm not 100% sure)
    --Adam Warrington

  3. Okay Adam. Appreciate the information as well as the photos you posted within the update of the post. Thank you.

  4. Morgan, no one filmed the event and thank you for your post. Peace, Amy

  5. Okay Amy, understood. You're welcome.