Thursday, October 18, 2007

CCV Harvest for Hunger, fewer people hungry

At CCV Burlington's 8th Annual Salvation Army Friendly Kitchen dinner on Monday, October 15th, more than 75 people enjoyed baked Harrington Hams purchased by CCV staff. Side dishes ranged from baked beans and macaroni and cheese to garbanzo bean salads and carrot ginger soup!!! Desserts included 5 dozen chocolate chip cookies. With Kim Evans’ CCV and VTC Nutrition students, we had plenty of set up, service and clean up assistance! Kim Evans’ students also added extensively to the side dish pickings.

As usual, CCV Burlington student and guitar minstrel Sergio Torres created musical magic in the crowd. Numerous diners requested songs he knew and they lauded him with thanks and smiles throughout the evening.

I spoke with one man who asked me to give regards to Jason Conway, a friend of his from the Vietnam Vet Center!! Another diner mentioned how much he appreciates coming to the Friendly Kitchen because then he doesn’t have to eat alone.

Thank you to everyone who participated because you understand the value of community effort in meeting community needs. And, it really is ok to have dinner at the Friendly Kitchen at 64 Main St., Burlington, VT 05401 (802) 864-6991. Please check it out next time you’re looking for a place to have a meal with people who also live in or near Burlington.

Peace, Amy

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