Thursday, February 25, 2010

Student Success Week: Day Three!

It's week five, and DAY THREE of Student Success Week--a week where we try to offer some activities that promote support strategies and snacks that will refuel your energy.

Question of the Day:
How do you balance school and life commitments?

Top responses to Day Two's Question: What do you do if you HAVE to miss a class?

  • "Notify your teacher as soon as possible. Make arrangements to get notes, papers, homework for class. Hand in your homework ahead of time or email it to your teacher if possible, or leave it in your teacher's box." ~H.P.
  • "Email your professor at least 24 hours prior to class." ~R.M.
  • "Call my instructor (or email) and explain my situation. Look for makeup time to make sure I stay on top of homework." ~R.C.

Make sure to place your answer in one of the raffle boxes located in the Pearl Street Lobby or outside of the Learning Center on Cherry Street.

If you don't have class today, no worries! There is one more raffle question to come.

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