Friday, February 26, 2010

Student Success Week: Day Four!

It's week five, and DAY FOUR of Student Success Week--a week where we try to offer some activities that promote support strategies and snacks that will refuel your energy.

Question of the Day:
Who are the main people in your support system?

Top responses to Day Three's Question: How do you Balance school & life commitments?

  • “I try to finish my work on the weekends before I have class. I finish my work in order of classes, and then I have the week in case something comes up.” ~E.G.
  • “Prioritize workout and homework. Keep it simple, and easy does it.” ~ R.N.

Make sure to place your answer in one of the raffle boxes located in the Pearl Street Lobby or outside of the Learning Center on Cherry Street.

image by J.W.Photography

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