Monday, February 25, 2008

Winooski site forum for students and faculty

CCV students and factulty... we want (and need) to hear from you! There will be an open forum on Thursday, February 28th from 5pm – 7pm in Conference room 2A (2nd floor of the 119 Pearl Street building) to discuss our new facility to be built in Winooski. Your participation will help us design a new building that we can be proud of. Please RSVP to Dawn Tetrault by either calling 865-3043 or sending an email to We hope to see you there!

Some of the questions we will have for you:

1. When you think about space that is designed for students to use for study or meeting purposes outside of the classroom, how do you envision such spaces? One large space (apart from a library/learning center) or several smaller spaces located throughout a facility?

2. When you think of space for faculty uses: preparing for classes, grabbing a bite to eat, meeting with a student as you may need, should we be considering a centralized location for such spaces or several spaces throughout a facility? Should we have spaces assigned around curriculum-specific classrooms?

3. What are your thoughts about amenities or services that are important/beneficial to CCV constituents that should be near our new Winooski facility?

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