Friday, February 29, 2008

Spanish Class Blogs

Mario Martinez’s Spanish I and II classes at CCV Burlington and Conversational Spanish at CCV St. Albans are currently using blogs to publish their writing. The blogs provide the students a means to apply the grammar and vocabulary that is taught in their classes and to write on a subject of their choice. Their writings provide a basis for in-class conversations and discussions on their story subject matter or related topics. Professor Martinez receives the documents from the students and provides feedback about their grammar and vocabulary. After this, students make their corrections and their story is added to the blog. It provides a means for students to feel proud of their learning and what they are producing.

The effect of this has been to make the students more excited, committed and serious about their writing and about Spanish. The blogging itself is helping the students to become familiar with what a blog is and provides them with ideas to pursue their own independent blogging for other purposes. It has become a tool for creating a Spanish community in CCV. In addition, their writings can be used by other educational institutions and encourage other students to study Spanish at CCV.

Click the links below to visit the Spanish class blogs:

Español en CCV Burlington

Mis Estudiantes CCV St. Albans

Submitted by: Mario Martinez, CCV Spanish Professor


  1. This is terrific. I'd love to see the idea expand to other classes as well. Muy bien, Mario y sus estudiantes!
    Dee Steffan

  2. This is a great way to use blogs for educational purposes! I am a Spanish teacher in Connecticut, and I am going to emulate this format with my students. Thanks for the great idea!