Monday, April 20, 2009

Hartstein to Speak at UVM TONIGHT!

Gabe Hartstein, one of CCV Burlington's Basic Algebra instructors will be speaking at The University of Vermont's Billings Center tonight (Monday, April 20, 2009)! The event, which begins at 7 PM, will feature Hartstein discussing his experiences during WWII. Whether you can attend or not, you might be interested in Gabe’s bio which is included below.

Gabe Hartstein survived the Holocaust in Budapest. He was 7 years at the time. Gabe has spoken about his families experiences at schools throughout Vermont including the University of Vermont, Middlebury College, and various churches and synagogues for the past 15 years. He will talk about the personal history of his family during the nine months that the Holocaust lasted in Hungary. He will discuss the system was put in place by the Germans and the Arrow Cross (the rulers of Hungary) whereby in that short time 1.5 million Jews were taken to extermination camps. Gabe will also talk about Raoul Wallenberg, who saved his family's lives, and 100.000 other Jews in Budapest. Raoul Wallenberg was kidnapped 2 days after our own "liberation" by Russians sent to Siberia where he died between 1945 - 1975. Other brave people also helped his family to survive. Rescue is an important part of the history and the deeds of Wallenberg in particular. Gabe's story has been published by the Center of Holocaust Studies at the University of Vermont.

Gabe Hartstein left Hungary with his mother for Israel in 1948, and from there left Israel to go high school in France. Gabe emigrated to the United States in 1955. He married Carole Hartstein in 1958, and married Gale Golden in 1991 after Carole died in 1990. Gabe retired after many years working for IBM. He currently lives in Burlington Vermont.

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  1. Gabe,

    Thanks for sharing your personal story and that of Raoul Wallenberg.

    -Ari Kaplan
    Independent Group on the Fate of Raoul Wallenberg