Monday, April 27, 2009

CCV PSAs from CCV Students!

Students in the Spring 2009 Introduction to Multimedia Applications & Tools (CIS-1045) class at CCV Burlington recently made CCV public service announcements as a class project. A few examples of their work below and and you can see more on the class blog at

Bennett's PSA for CCV Burlington's Art Galleries:

Financial Aid and Class Sign-Ups by James

Also, here is an assignment description from the course professor, David Wells (
I have students experiment with many multimedia applications and tools in my class. Much of the student's initial work with these tools are random samples. I feel that students learn more when they are engaged in authentic, real tasks. As CCV presents a lot of information to its students throughout the semester, I gave my students the task of using their newly learned skills to create public service announcements for the CCV community. My task was this: "I want you to practice using multimedia tools. Your assignment between tonight's class and the end of next weeks' class is to choose a "public service" topic that would apply to CCV students. I want you to create two "announcements" about this topic. You can choose from an enhanced photo, an audio clip that you created, or a movie for your two announcements. Consider that these announcements will be shared with CCV staff and might appear on the CCV blog." I found that my students used their unique voices when creating these announcements. From the traditional student and "digital native" to the non-traditional student and "computer novice," I feel that my student's work speaks to their own unique CCV experiences.

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