Friday, November 7, 2008

Hopes for President-elect Obama

On the day after our recent historic election, Deborah Straw's fall 2008 English Composition I class spent some time writing about their hopes for President-elect Obabma. Below is a sampling of their responses. If you'd like to add to this list, submit a comment to this blog post!

On this historic occasion, a few hopes for President-elect Obama:

I hope he does a good job. I hope America takes this as a wake up call!

Peace. A sturdy economy. An America to be proud of again. No more fear.

I would like to see proof within the next few years that once I graduate college and start the process of home ownership, Obama will be focused on rebuilding the housing market to help my generation and middle class families.

I hope for: change, peace (no more war in Iraq), life, better spending, environmental changes – turn into a greener country, opportunity. I hope Obama is able to do all he’s spoken about. He’s amazing, and I can’t wait to see where our country goes.

I hope he helps out the economy. I also hope he starts to pull troops out of Iraq.

I am hopeful that this election sets a precedent for the youth of this country to have a continuing interest in politics. Ever since I registered to vote in 2003, I have watched teachers, elders, and public service announcements plead for the youth vote. I believe that youth involvement in campaigning and voter turnout was unprecedented in this election. In my opinion, a knowledgeable youth can help shape a better future and a better country. Obama truly spoke to and for the younger generations in America. I hope that this generation continues to have faith in their country and that future generations feel the same sense of pride. If you are engaged and passionate about a candidate, go out and do something about it. Use this election as an example of the power of your voice.

More speeches that bring tears of joy to our eyes. Intelligence, wisdom, kindness.

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