Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thanks to CCV for help toward graduation

The following letter was recently published in the Burlington Free Press. It was written by Sergio Torres, who will be graduating from CCV this coming weekend. The staff at CCV would also like to thank Sergio for the many contributions (including his beautiful music) that he has made to CCV Burlington in the past years. We hope they will continue!

I would like to publicly thank the educators, staff, financial support and advisors at the Community College of Vermont for their wonderful help and support through 10 years of college. I am a person with physical limitations, and the accommodations at Community College of Vermont were always offered to me. The patience of the teachers toward me was commendable. I believed in myself because my teachers believed in me. I’m proud to call my teachers and all faculty at CCV my eternal friends in my heart. I would like to thank VSAC for the grants allowed me for college.

The Vermont Adult Learning Center in Colchester deserves many thanks, too, for endless tutoring and support.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank the State of Vermont, where education is valued and everyone has a chance to succeed with hard work and determination. Thank you for legislation on equal education and fair treatment. Education liberates us and helps us to discern. It is wonderful to give back as much has been given to me. But to give unconditionally and to serve, that is divine.

May God bless human kindness. May God bless CCV.

Sergio Torres
Essex Junction

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