Monday, April 19, 2010

International Food Fest: A huge success!

More than 200 people attended the International Food Festival last week as the sun set on the Overlook Café balcony in Burlington.

CCV students prepared dozens of different dishes including Ethiopian injera, Vietnamese egg rolls, Nepalese aaloo gobi tarkari, Cuban empanada and Colombian ceviche. They hailed from many countries including Uruguay, Brazil, the Netherlands, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Mali, China, Guam and the United States. Most importantly they reinforced the connections they have to home, each other and the greater CCV community. Champlain College student Van, a CCV graduate from Vietnam, told me “I came back to this because I love it and I still have friends here.”

Thank you to all of our cooks, hosts, musicians, and attendees for making the IFF an event to remember.

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