Monday, March 29, 2010

Grow With Us: It's Your Move! Week 5

Student Spaces
Here are a few of the many nooks and crannies available for you to get together with your study groups and friends:

  • Room 110 - Community Room: Tables, comfy chairs, beautiful views all located conveniently in this inviting communal space on the first floor.
  • Room 111 - The Quiet Study: Located across from the Community Room on the first floor, this room is perfect for getting your homework done between classes.
  • Room 211C - Work Group Room: Student group workspace.
  • Room 302 - Student Lounge: Vending machines and cafĂ© tables make this a nice place to take a break.
  • Terrace: Sit outside in the sun on our beautiful terrace located on the 1st floor.

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