Monday, January 4, 2010

Moving Toward Sustainability--Recap

Jeannie William's Moving Toward Sustainability class recently presented their semester-long LYCAH, “Leave Your Car At Home” project to the CCV/Burlington community.

The class worked on projects that look ahead to CCV’s move to downtown Winooski, offering alternative transportation options to the CCV community that would help decrease the numbers of single drivers in single cars parking in Winooski, and encourage a greener approach to transportation to the new facility.

Student project highlights:

  • Student Colin Miller worked the challenge into his daily life by not driving for 7 weeks. He kept a journal of his daily transportation and presented an analysis of his savings, both in money he spent on gas and parking, and in the pounds saved from his personal carbon footprint. Colin’s challenge was all the more difficult, as he commutes from rural Brookfield.

  • Samantha Boymer and Tracy Simonds created a new Ride Board for CCV. The Ride Board is already available in the CCV student portal and students statewide and many of the students in the class developed ideas for CCV to use in promoting the new service.

  • Sarah Kresock presented a new bike share program for Burlington, based on programs used in cities around the world. For a modest fee, people would be able to pick up bicycles stationed in convenient locations around town and use them for daily transportation.

  • Michael La Moy presented a full case for using the CCTA bus system. Mike showed that once you work the bus schedule into your life, it is a safe, convenient, and planet-friendly approach to daily transportation. The CCTA bus system will continue to be a real convenience for CCV students when the new facility opens in Winooski. The bus stops right at CCV’s front door.
image source: Karen Duguay, CCTA

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