Monday, November 16, 2009

CCV’s Sharon Webster featured in THE WORD SHOW

THE WORD SHOW: Visual Art Infused with Words

“The Word Show” features innovative and provocative work from nine artists who combine word and image in unusual and surprising ways. Using mediums like sculpture, painting, assemblage, handmade paper printing and more, the artists tease out common ground between language and visual art.

Here's a bit about Sharon Webster--Both a poet and visual artist, Webster offers mixed media work of various kinds, including work inspired by handwritten letters, books as sculptural objects and printing paraphernalia. Critic, Christopher Faris, described Webster’s work as “exhilaratingly abstract and surreal, yet poignantly expressive. Her constructions are magically thought provoking.”

To learn more about the show, visit FLYNNDOG 208 Flynn Ave. Burlington, VT
Hours: 7am-7pm Every day
Show runs through Jan. 3, 2010

Other artists featured include:

  • Axel Stohlberg
  • Roger Coleman
  • Winnie Looby
  • Aluan Arguelles
  • Jon Michael Turner
  • Drew Cameron
  • PK Ellis
  • Maggie Standley

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