Monday, December 1, 2008

Got Health Insurance?

Many Vermonters, including many CCV students, are living without health insurance. If you are one such Vermonter, consider looking into the new Catamount Helth program. For more information, check out the guest post below submitted by Margaret Brault from Vermont Interfaith Action.

Catamount Health, the State of Vermont’s new health care program for the uninsured, provides a comprehensive benefits package that includes hospitalization, prescription coverage, doctor visits for primary and specialty care, mental health and substance abuse treatment. For more information about Catamount Health visit or call 1-866-482-4723.

Also, Vermont Interfaith Action (VIA) is a faith-based group of congregations in the Burlington area working with faith communities to reach out to uninsured Vermonters to help them get access to affordable health care. For information on VIA, contact Emily Wexler at Vermont Interfaith Action at or call (802) 651-8889.

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  1. Perhaps people don't know, but Catamount uses the most recent paycheck to calculate your income. Regardless of how many times a year you get this check, they multiply by the number of periods in the year. So instructors are unable to qualify for the reduced premium even though their actual annual incomes are less that the maximum (in many cases, a lot less). This apparently was a compromise made by the legislature in the last session and kept a large number of CCV instructors from qualifying in the period that would have allowed coverage for pre-exting conditions. Its a big sore point with many instructors, with no real place to go for resolution.