Friday, October 3, 2008

Sharon Webster - Art Hop Poetry

Sharon Webster, a member of CCV’s art faculty, was recently interviewed by the Burlington Free Press for her involvement in last month’s South End Art Hop. Webster has exhibited her work through the art hop on many occasions, but this time she worked in an unusual medium for the art hop… poetry. Professor Webster says that...

I thought it would be fun to subvert the dominant paradigm this year and acknowledge the writing side of myself. I’ve always written poems and used my studio as a writing place as much as a visual art place. Also, spoken word is a kind of performance thing that lends itself to the Art Hop. It feels important to emphasize how the arts so often overlap. I think of myself half-writer, half-visual artist. There’s always been pull toward both. Sometimes it works in cycles; after an intense period in one genre, I’ll move toward the other. I’m also interested in how word and image can coexist in art forms. I am currently working on a show for 2009 at Flynndog Gallery with a small group of artists around the theme of word and image.

To read the entire interview, click here. Want to learn more about Sharon’s artwork (including information on how to buy some of her poetry books)? Visit

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