Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Video from Intro to Filmmaking

Check out the video below from Bill Simmon's fall 2007 Intro to Filmmaking course at CCV Burlington! This short in-class project is called "Marissa Explains it All." The students in the video are Marissa Dean and Trevor Thompson. The scene was loosely scripted by Amanda Reardon, who also directed most of the acting.

This was an in-class project intended to demonstrate basic "coverage" for shooting a dialogue between two people. Camera and audio duties were performed by the other students in the class. The goals of this demonstration/exercise were to show shot-counter-shot continuity, the 180 degree rule and direction-of-motion rules central to narrative filmmaking techniques. Amanda and Marissa expanded upon this script to produce a short film for one of their assignments, which should be up on YouTube soon.

Some of the current projects being developed and shot by students in the filmmaking class include a zombie movie, an adaptation of Meatloaf's "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights," a faux realty show based upon Laguna Beach called "North Beach," and a film depicting a vicious Chutes and Ladders smackdown.

Thank you to Professor Simmon for contributing this post. Click here to view Bill's other YouTube vidoes. Also, check out Bill's blogs at and

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  1. I've taught college classes before, but this blog post is officially the first time anyone has ever called me "Professor Simmon" and not been making fun of me.